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About us

Since 2010, French Touch Seeds create a breeders collective with a simple goal, the preservation of the rare french elite clones and also any interesting strain that would cross our road, specially the landraces from the French islands. Due to the complicate laws in France, the company is based in Spain but it doesn't affect our french philosophy at all!

Our philosophy

French touch seeds use simplicity, recycling, economy... The culture of healthy and easy to grow seed without distractions and focusing on the very demanding job that requires our passion that is the Breeding ... The actual market is focused on feminised seeds and we had to answer to that growing demand but we are guiding the expert growers on regular seeds and conservation of their favorites strains, passions and practices very widespread among our compatriots ... .

French touch seeds : a french seedbank  !
We are particularly sensitive to the preservation of old varieties and we are also adding on our website landraces from diferent corners of the globe... Starting with two strains from the Réunion'Island that are already available : The K1 and the Mangu'Carot. We operate as a collective of passionate and Breeders that are always open to new ideas and suggestions that you may submit. 

The future

We actually feel the global movement around the hemp in general and we are looking for a greener future with safe and quality medecine for everyone ! Keep it growing !

French Touch Network

As you certainly know, the french are passionated persons if you speak about the hemp ! We have a lot of contacts in the french industry and we may be able to help you if you have any project regarding the French Market...

United we'll stand !

French Touch Team